How to Take Great Wedding Photos

There will be a wedding photographer booked for the big wedding day, but you will be wanting to take your own snaps. Amateur photos from wedding guests are usually very welcomed by the bride and groom because they will see their day from different viewpoints that might not have been the photographer’s focus.

The bride and groom often have to wait a few weeks for their professional pictures to be developed so they’ll be excited to see your amateur pictures – which is all the more reason to take good ones.

Here are a few handy tips to make sure that you take the best photos of the upcoming wedding.

1. Sounds and flashes off at the ceremony

Number one on the list is to turn off the sound on your camera. You might never have noticed that your camera makes a shrill beep when you push the shutter, but when you take snaps during the quiet parts you’ll get some ‘looks’ from the other guests! The bride and groom will not want to be interrupted by annoying beeps and blinding flashes while they are exchanging vows, so make sure you switch the sounds off during the service.

2. Mix it up with a different perspective

Have you ever looked through wedding pictures taken by guests to see the same photo ten times? This is because everyone is going for the safe shot. You’ll see these photos from the other guests, so when you see everyone rushing over to the cake cutting clutching a camera, take a step back. Look around for other angles and perspectives. Mix things up by taking wide angles, low down or high up.

3. Don’t delete anything!

Okay, so you’ve taken a photo where the grooms head is left out of the frame, or a child ran in front of the camera as you pushed the button. Do not delete these pictures! These pictures can be cropped and edited later to give them an arty and abstract edge. You might even find a hidden gem in these “rubbish” pictures.

4. Look at the detail

Like I’ve said, every Tom, Dick and Harry will be photographing the cake cutting, the signing of the register, the speeches and all the traditional bits. Get creative and focus on the finer details. Look at flowers, shoes, table plans, rings, dress detail and so on. The bride and groom will love seeing these unique shots after their wedding; they might even see details that they missed with all the excitement!

5. Consider your backdrop

When you are taking pictures of the bride and groom or the guests, think about the background. Do you really want that big “toilets this way” or “Fire Exit” sign in your shot? Look for uncluttered backgrounds or interesting and arty ones. Avoid taking pictures in front of windows when there is a bright light behind as your subject will just get washed out.

6. Have fun!

When you are taking photos at a wedding don’t get too wrapped up in watching the day from behind a viewfinder. Make sure you get up and dance with great Aunty Vera, make people laugh and enjoy yourself. You will find that the natural photos of people having fun are usually up there with the best.

Here’s a cool tip for uploading and sharing your fantastic wedding pictures. Nowadays we have all the social media platforms you could need and hashtags galore. Why don’t you go round and ask everyone to use a specific hashtag, such as #thespencerwedding2014. This way you can log on to Facebook, Instagram or twitter, search the hash tag and see all of the pictures taken by other wedding guests. If you followed these tips – yours will stand out for their creativity and gorgeousness!