How To Choose A Wedding Photographer

So you’re tying the knot, you’ve got the venue sorted, the cake, dresses, shoes, transport, food and everything else. What about a photographer? Good photographers get booked up quickly so make sure you don’t leave it too late.

With wedding photos, you need to place a great deal of trust in your chosen photographer. You won’t see the finished product until after the event is over and you don’t want to be left with poorly framed photos and your great aunt Shelia cut off the family portrait. That is why research is so very important when it comes to selecting the one who will take your photos. You will want someone who fits in with and understands your style, has technical ability and importantly – someone who you like and don’t mind having at your wedding.

1. Choose Your Style

First off, have a look around the internet at wedding photography and decide on a style you like. Here are something’s to think about when choosing your style:

  • Do you want your photos posed for or spontaneous pictures of happy faces, dancing and talking?
  • Do you want the classic portraits where you pose for photographs and include every member of your family and extended family? (If you opt for this you will want either a megaphone or a photographer with a loud voice as trying to herd everyone together can be a tough job!)
  • Do you want something more edgy and arty? If so then go with the edgy-bold style. This style is out of the box shots with different angles and focus’.

2. Research!

Read reviews from other brides who have used the service. Also check the photographer’s website, blog and social media sites to see their work. These pictures will give you an idea of the sort of thing they do – can you imagine having this style of photo to remember your special day? Look through full wedding albums too, don’t just make your decision based on a couple of shots. Also look at albums set inside and outside and in the day and at night too. This will give you a good well rounded view of their work.

3. Meet Them

Meeting up with your photographer is a must. You will have seen their work online and their price list, and the meet is the chance for them to sell themselves. Your photographer is going to be there while the bride gets ready and at the wedding day so it is important that you like them. Also, in order to get a natural shot you will want to look and feel comfortable around them. When you meet up be prepared with ideas on what you like and information on the venue.

4. Confirm

If you are booking up with a big company, you will need to make sure you have met and seen the work of the actual photographer who will be working your big day. Photographers have their own style so you will need to confirm which photographer you want to take the shots.

5. Compare The Packages

Prices for photographers can escalate easily depending on what you are after, how many albums you want and where the photographer is located. When you are meeting up with photographers to discuss their service ask for general prices based on the standard shooting fee and package. Also ask for their standard rates for the type of album you think you would like. Tell the photographer the date you are getting married and ask the price for that particular weekend and how many hours are included in the price. Ideally you want your photographer there from when the bride gets ready until after the first dance.

6. Don’t Be Afraid To Ask Your Rights!

In many contracts it is the case that the photographer who took the photos owns the rights. This means that they can use them to promote their business and use them on their website, blog and adverts. Unless you negotiate otherwise many photographers will not allow you to print the images yourself without you buying the rights. Check this with them before you commit to anything.

7. Find Out The Post-Production Details

Your photos will take about a month to get back into your hands. The photographer will take their time to edit and colour correct the huge raw files. Many photographers spend on average 40 hours editing images from a wedding. Find out the following about post-production:

  • How many images will you receive?
  • Will they be high resolution?
  • How many photos can you select to be edited?
  • Can you have any special effects or retouching options?
  • Is there an additional cost for special effects?

Follow this guidance for choosing a wedding photographer and your wedding photographs will be spectacular reminders of a fabulous day.